Saint-Petersburg's restaurant of modern Russian gastronomy is situated between the DLT department store and the Hermitage museum. It was named after its founders - the team of the popular wine restaurant "Wine Rack".
The menu features two sections:
The principles of the cuisine remainun changed: modern Russian gastronomy and maximum atention to local seasonal products. A litle bit more simplicity, a litlebit more comfort, but stil the same amount of creativity. Comfor tcreative - this is how Hamlet+Jacks cuisine can be caled today.

The wine list focuses on biodynamics, natural wines, smal farm sand winemakers-stars o f Europe, Russiaand the New World. Each bottle, selected by chef-sommelier Evgeny Usachev, is worth a separate conversation, be it an ensestral from the Czech Republic, champagne by recoltant of the Ricei commune or meditative Burgundy.

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Dear guests! We're closed on the New Year's Eve. We're open on January 1st at 6 PM.
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Volynskiy per. 2
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